Tommi Martin

Senior Developer - Oulu office
team portraits - Tommi

Greetings, Tommi at your service. A geek of the northern wilds and also called "The developer guy" by my peers in Cartman. By profession I am a full-stack developer capable of wrangling eCommerce platforms into myriad of shapes required by customers and businesses. When not occupied by profession I tend to spend my time involved in stories, games and the like.

Work highlights

    Puuilo - Magento 2

    In the role of a Lead developer. Involved heavily in customer communication, work planning and responsible for the technical implementation of 2023 Magento.

    Paytrail Payment module for Magento 2

    Lead developer duties following a previous implementation, responsible for work planning, implementation and customer communication.

    Paulig - This Cup Counts webshop

    Frontend developer duties. Responsible for styling and functionality of a complex web design.


  • Ecommerce development

    6 years of ecommerce development, providing customized solutions to merchants.

  • Communication

    Ability to break down technical topics and enable customers to make informed decisions.

  • Backend development

    Php, MySql, Clojure and java

  • Frontend development

    Svelte, html, css and it's processors, javascripts

  • Trilingual

    Finnish, English and Swedish


  • Magento 2

    Fullstack lead developer

  • Big commerce

    Integration and Headless development

  • Contentful

    Integration and data structure design

  • Google Services

    Analytics, cloud services, web services such as captcha and others.

  • HyGraph

    Data structure and integration development