DevOps services

Supercharge your Cloud journey with us!

We specialize on providing development and operational capabilities on technologies such as:

  • Container technology and cloud computing on Google Cloud and AWS

  • Upskilling your team on

    • Kubernetes best practices and management

    • Continuous Integration and Delivery practices

  • Cloud strategy and analysis

  • Audit on your existing Cloud or Kubernetes setup

  • Helping to evaluate talent for your team

  • FinOps, Cost analysis and reporting

  • Continuous integration and delivery best practices and setups

Software development

Cartman specializes into modern bespoke software development using techniques and tools such as:

  • Clojure and Clojurescript ecosystem

  • Golang ecosystem and Kubernetes operator development

  • Single page app frontends using React

  • API driven development

Reach out to us, so we can work together on solving real world business issues.