How do we deliver value?

It all begins from the customer's needs. What are the values and requirements their business, what are the targets. Armed with this information we'll choose the most suitable tools for the customer's specifications and we add our own: No monoliths, stable, composable and easy to maintain. Once the tools are selected we apply our own special brew and bring it all together in a website worthy of our customers.

How do we promise quality?

Our quality promises are based on our tools and working methods. The tools we use, such as BigCommerce platform and functional programming language, Clojure, gives us an edge in reliability as the modifications using these tools have to be developed in a manner that reduces the chances of the original code and products from breaking under the strain of customisations. To us it is important that our quality and work go towards producing more value to our customers instead of working on code and updates that are invisible to our end user but still take up lion's share of the development time.

How do we differ?

It's all in the how. We do the similar work to many of our competitors but we promise a different approach to the end result. We focus on developing new features, new code and see the growth of clients business. Because of this we embed metrics wherever we code. And where we code we make sure that what we code is valuable in this second, tomorrow and in the future.

Having experienced the world of monolithic eCommerce stores where almost no original feature of the store is untouched and each major update is measured in hundreds of hours and countless bugs we want to do it differently. Our tools should be built and served in a manner that they complement one another and can be updated independently of each other.

To sum it all up. We make decisions driven by data collected, code driven by the need for low maintenance and websites driven by the needs of our customers.

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